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Master meter compliance

Many master meter operators consist of apartment complexes, universities, or housing authorities where operating a gas master meter system is not the owners area of focus or expertise. There are several options a master meter operator has when considering how to achieve compliance with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).

1. Maintain Ownership and Operation:

  • Train Employees: Provide training for maintenance employees and call center operators on recognizing and responding to possible abnormal gas conditions. This includes educating them on safety protocols and emergency response procedures.

  • Contractor Services: Hire qualified contractors to perform all required pipeline inspections, maintenance, and respond to One Call tickets. Ensure that these contractors are well-versed in PHMSA regulations.

2. Local Natural Gas Distribution Utility Takeover:

  • Cost-Prohibitive Considerations: While allowing a local natural gas distribution utility to take over ownership and operation might ensure compliance, it can be cost-prohibitive. Utilities may insist on installing new piping, which can incur significant expenses.

3. Switch to Other Energy Sources:

  • Transition to Electric or Alternative Energy: If the costs associated with maintaining compliance are too high, some master meter operators may consider switching all gas appliances and equipment to electric or another energy source. This eliminates the need for compliance with natural gas regulations.

It's important for master meter operators to carefully assess their specific situation, considering factors such as budget constraints, expertise of personnel, and the age and condition of existing infrastructure. Compliance with PHMSA regulations is critical for ensuring the safety and integrity of natural gas systems. If your company would like to find out more about what option might work best for your system and business, reach out to us at The Oak Tree Group. We can give a free, no cost consultation.

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