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Pipeline Safety Compliance Expertise
for Natural Gas & Propane

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Meeting small natural gas and propane operators regulatory compliance needs since 2020.

Oak Tree Group has more than 80 years of regulatory experience with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission meeting state and federal requirements.

Services We Offer

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safety culture
audit support

Procedure Manuals

  • Operations & Maintenance Procedures

  • Distribution Integrity Management 

  • Emergency Response Procedures

  • Public Awareness  Procedures

  • Compliance with 49 CFR 191,192,193,195

Operator Qualification Programs & Training

  • Develop a written OQ program

  • Establish a covered task list

  • Qualify personnel working on the pipeline system

  • Train personnel on procedures 

Filing Requirements

  • State filing requirements

  • Federal filing (PHMSA) requirements- operator ID, annual reports, etc

Rate Cases for Small Operators

  • File base rate increases for gas distribution utilities

Electric / Natural Gas Supplier & Marketer

  • Complete registration paperwork with the relevant state agency to become an electric or natural gas suppler or marketer

Safety Management Systems

  •  Perform root cause analysis of incidents or accidents at a company

  •  Conduct training with an operator to promote a safety work culture

Audit Support

  • Attend state agency audits of the operator either in person or remotely

  • Answer all questions of the auditing state agency

  • Make every effort to keep the operator in compliance to avoid noncompliance letters or fines


Our Story

The Oak Tree Group consultants is a group of former Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PA PUC) Safety and Rates Engineers and Utility Financial Analysts, that was formed to assist small natural gas distribution system companies, master meter operators, and Act 127 Operators with federal & state pipeline safety compliance, as well as utility rate case and tariff support, and natural gas (NGS) and electricity supplier (EGS) broker/marketer license applications. We are comprised of a small group of federally certified pipeline safety inspectors and utility financial & rate analysts.

The Oak Tree Group is the only utility consulting company in Pennsylvania with both federally trained and Commonwealth trained safety engineers, in addition to having experience in PA PUC utility rate design, cost of service, rate base, revenue and expenses, and NGS/EGS license applications. As former PA PUC employees who have over 75 years of combined regulatory experience, we are uniquely qualified to support your company through the maze of government regulations, and to ensure that you are in compliance with federal and state pipeline safety regulations, and all PA PUC filing requirements.  

​If your company is experiencing compliance issues with 49 CFR 191, 192, 193 &195 or need assistance with other PA PUC issues related to small natural gas utility companies, and NGS/EGS licensing, please contact us. The Oak Tree Group can lead you into compliance and formulate procedures to ensure future compliance. 

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