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O&M plans & procedures, DIMP DOT/PHMSA 49 CFR 191, 192, 193, 195 regulations/code

Operations & Maintenance Procedures

Distribution Integrity Management Programs

Compliance with 49 CFR 191,192,193,195

Operator Qualification Programs and Training

Operator Qualification Programs and Training
Emergency Response Procedures
Safety Management Systems

Pennsylvania public utility commission, Distribution operator, master meter operator, propane operator, act127 operator, gathering line operator
PA PUC Filing Requirements

PA PUC Small Operator Rate Cases
Electric/Natural Gas Supplier & Marketer



The Oak Tree Group consultants is a group of former Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PA PUC) Safety and Rates Engineers and Utility Financial Analysts, that was formed to assist small natural gas distribution system companies, master meter operators, and Act 127 Operators with federal & state pipeline safety compliance, as well as utility rate case and tariff support, and natural gas (NGS) and electricity supplier (EGS) broker/marketer license applications. We are comprised of a small group of federally certified pipeline safety inspectors and utility financial & rate analysts.

The Oak Tree Group is the only utility consulting company in Pennsylvania with both federally trained and Commonwealth trained safety engineers, in addition to having experience in PA PUC utility rate design, cost of service, rate base, revenue and expenses, and NGS/EGS license applications. As former PA PUC employees who have over 75 years of combined regulatory experience, we are uniquely qualified to support your company through the maze of government regulations, and to ensure that you are in compliance with federal and state pipeline safety regulations, and all PA PUC filing requirements.  

​If your company is experiencing compliance issues with 49 CFR 191, 192, 193 &195 or need assistance with other PA PUC issues related to small natural gas utility companies, and NGS/EGS licensing, please contact us. The Oak Tree Group can lead you into compliance and formulate procedures to ensure future compliance. 


Year Established


Years of PA PUC Experience



Paul Metro


Paul worked 35 years for the PA PUC serving in a wide range of roles.

He was the Manager of the Pipeline Safety Division for the PA PUC’s Investigation and Enforcement Bureau for 18 years.  Paul was also the Program manager for Electrical Safety, Water Safety, and PA One Call Enforcement.  He was responsible for pipeline safety compliance and was a PHMSA Pipeline Safety Instructor in which he conducted federal & state compliance training at the federal training facility in Oklahoma City, OK.  Prior to being a program manager, Paul was a Senior Expert Witness for the Pa PUC- Office of Trial Staff for 17 years.   He testified in gas, electric, telephone, water and sewer rate filings.  These case involved rate design, cost of service, rate base, depreciation, and gas cost issues.


He has numerous achievements with the PA PUC:

  • 2010 National Gas Safety Program Manager of the Year

  • White House Invitation for Champion of Change - Transportation

  • Chairman – National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives

  • Testimony in front of the PA House and Senate Committees

  • Testimony in front of the U.S. House Transportation Committee

  • Board of Directors PA1Call System

  • Board of Directors Common Ground Alliance

  • Vice Chairman NARUC Pipeline Safety Committee

  • Testified in all Electric and Gas Restructuring Filings

  • Testified in more than 140 Rate Proceedings

  • Drafted the Gas Cost 1307(f) Regulations


Paul has a BS Degree in Mineral Economics and Industrial Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and a MS Degree in Industrial Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. 


Tony Rametta

Tony Rametta

Tony has over 37 years of experience in the energy and utility regulatory environment with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the last 25 with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC).  Most recently, he was the Supervisor of the Energy Division, overseeing a team of utility financial analysts and engineers, dealing with a variety of gas and electric utility, and pipeline regulatory compliance work, and serving in an advisory capacity to the Commission. Specifically, his Division was charged with creating and approving the Act 127 pipeline applications and maintaining the annual registry of pipeline companies for the PUC, electric and natural gas distribution company tariff review and approval, small natural gas utility rate case review and approval, electric generation and natural gas supplier application review and approval, that included maintaining a registry of bond holders, implemented the approval of the first new natural gas distribution utility in the Commonwealth in over 40 years, and electric utility transmission line application approval.

Tony has a B.S. in Bio/Chem from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Shippensburg.



Andrew Geibel

Andrew worked 6 years as a Pipeline Safety Engineer with the PA PUC.  He is fully certified to conduct natural gas pipeline safety audits & inspections by the US Department of Transportation- Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).  Andrew has performed numerous inspections across many different parts of PA on natural gas distribution operators for compliance with federal pipeline safety regulations.  He has prepared written testimony for several rate cases filed by PA distribution operators, and helped prepare and facilitate annual audits of the PA PUC Pipeline Safety Group by PHMSA.  Prior to joining the PA PUC, Andrew worked 3 years as a manufacturing engineer for a company that builds military helicopters. Andrew has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State has completed the Engineers in Training Examination, the first step to obtaining professional engineers licensor.


Small Natural Gas Distribution Operators

Master Meter Operators

Propane Operators

Gathering Line Operators

apartment complex, master meter system



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